cimg1182.jpg photograph of the official brochure

On Thursday 14th December 11 brave participants of ICNYP 2006 entered a bus for a leap in the dark. Ultimate destination: Justizanstalt für Jugendliche v/o Juvenile Prison Gerasdorf in St. Egyden am Steinfeld, 65 km to the south of Vienna (thx Erich for the hint!).

Let me anticipate the end of the story: Everybody returned safe and happy from an interesting trip through the beautiful landscape that surrounds the Austrian capital to a place everybody fears but few people know.

The fewer the better…

Join us soon for the facts and the details of the tour.


G’day Mr President!

December 19, 2006

 Peter Kenyon (in a moment of reflection; next to Ralph Brabec)

“Now is the time and we are the ones we have been waiting for!” – The president speaks, the audience is delighted. Be it Native Indian quotes, be it his own experiences, Peter KENYON has a lot to report, and his listeners appreciate it. But it is unlikely that Mr Kenyon was officially appointed President of ICNYP on Friday 15th December thanks to his entertainment and motivation skills ‘only’.

“Inside every old person,” he says, “is a young person wondering what has happened.” In the case of the 56 years old Australian, a lot has happened. The professed “youth philanthrop” has, among others, been active as a youth worker, teacher, youth education officer and university lecturer for decades. His personal and professional interests lay in youth policy, rural economic development and enterprise promotion. Mr Kenyon holds a master degree of Philosophy and is currently enrolled in a PhD program. He has authored 16 publications within the fields of community and economic development, youth policy development and youth enterprise.

During ICNYP 2006 in Vienna, we got to know Mr  Kenyon as the dynamic mastermind before the scenes. Always placed right in the front of the podium (if not on it himself), he managed to keep every discussion exciting and efficient, even if people were exhausted and coffee was over. As the new president of ICNYP, Mr Kenyon will finally be the incarnated spearhead of the international youth. Let’s hope he will never run out of coffee and creativity.

Now is the time and you, Mr President, are the one ICNYP and a responsible challenge is waiting for! Congratulations and good luck!

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