Tribute to the organizers

December 17, 2006

Much has been said about the outstanding quality of the recent ICNYP 2006, an event that is owed to the creativity, the professionalism and comptenece of a group of young people and people young at heart we already gave standing ovations and loud cheers to during the closure ceremony.

On behalf of all the participants and particularly the Blog Team may we herewith once again congratulate the organizing team of JEF Austria, represented by Mr. Daniel GERER, Vize-President, Mr. Günter LINDNER, Secretary General, and the Project Managers Mr. Jörg BERGER, Ms. Anne FAVRE, Ms. Margarete STOCKER, and all the other volunteers, the team of, responsible for the technical infrastructure, the Federal Ministry for Social Security, Generations and Consumer Protections, represented by omipresent Mrs. Elisabeth ZIEGLER, Mr. Erich PAUSER and the inventor, coordinator and mastermind of this weblog, Mr. Robert LENDER. Furthermore, we want to pay tribute to the four coordinators of the workshops and Mr. Ralph “Sharp on Time” BRABEC v/o “The Voice”.

We all shared one office and a varying number (…) of workstations. Whoever went to see us on the second floor knows, how cozy it was when we had full house. Intimacy impossible, action guaranteed.

Personally, we are grateful and proud for being members of the staff of ICNYP 2006.

All the best!


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  1. robert Says:

    A big thank goes to blogging team Bernadette Knauder and Christoph Hartl for their blog entries, their action and their ideas what a icnyp 2006 weblog could be.

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