Six 4 all

December 17, 2006


Now, that everybody has returned home safely, one or the other participant surely wants to recapitulate the given presentations, be it due to professional necessity or personal interest. Please find attached the last six documents that were made available to us.

Don’t hesitate to send us YOUR presentation in case it is not accessible on this blog yet and you want a wider community to read through it again!

1) Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service, ppt 1,13 MB – coordinating-committee-for-international-voluntary-service-113-mb.ppt

2) e4aLL by ASA, ppt 50,5 KB – e4all-by-asa-505kb.ppt

3) Enhancing participation through the learning continuum  by Lynne Chisholm, ppt 443 KB – enhancing-participation-through-the-learning-continuum-by-lynne-chisholm-443-kb.ppt

4) Kosovo Youth Action Plan, ppt 178 KB – kosovo-youth-action-plan-178-kb.ppt

5) Models of Youth Political Participation by Enzo Amendola, ppt 546 KB – models-of-youth-political-participation-by-enzo-amendola-546-kb.ppt

6) New Patterns of Youth Transition in Education, ppt 166 KB – new-patterns-of-youth-transition-in-education-166-kb.ppt

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