Somebody’s book of demands

December 13, 2006

Hey! We’ve got something to say!

Me too.

I am aware that the presentation attached is a compilation of quotations, a presentation that aims to show young people’s commitment to shaping the world in their interest. I am honestly grateful for Mr. Bruveris’ contribution in Monday afternoon’s panel, which I perceive to be one of the best presentations – especially in terms of intelligibility.

But let me inform you about some conversations I had during the last days, of which the content of the ppp-presentation reminds me. Maybe I am not a representative youth, but I am a youth – at least according to the relevant definitions. Like so many others in my age I don’t feel like a youth. Why so? Maybe it is due to my profound aversion to platitudes. Maybe its due to the fact that I don’t share the interests, the skills, the economic/social/religious background etc. of everybody of my generation. These differences make everybody unique. Therefore: Youth representatives of the world, I appreciate your efforts, but please respect that a youth is not a youth is not automatically a youth. Nobody is entitled to speak on somebodyelse’s behalf only because he/she represents a certain age class in a given political/social forum.

Thank you for your attention.


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