Yogurt Democracy

December 12, 2006

“Education is a right that should be given to all” demands Rey ASIS in his speech on item 3 panel this morning.

His fellow-speaker Tatsiana KHOMA stressed the fact, that higher education mirrows society. Consequently, higher education has to be inclusive, regardless family, financial background, disabilities et cetera. To achieve this goal of inclusive education, Khomas organization has, among other things, elaborated a draft document on a european students rights charta. The draft can be found at www.esib.org .

Sigrid STEININGER contradicted todays´s keynote speaker Manfred Zentner in her speech. In her opinion, education is the basis for participation and formal structures are important for learning.  She expressed the need for more than a yogurt democracy at schools, meaning that democracy is more than voting for ones favourite sort of yogurt at the school cafeteria.

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