Blog Rap – No. 2

December 11, 2006

This time in our BLOG RAP:


Which organisation/campaign are you representing at ICNYP 2006?

 I represent the Youth Employement Summit Campaign (YES). Our webside is

What is the aim of your campaign?

Our aim is to empower young people to create sustainable livelihoods.

What is your position in this organisation?

I am an International Advisor.

How do you define youth?

That’s difficult. As you know, the definition of this term differs from country to country, region to region, culture to culture. In parts of Asia, people in their 40ies are perceived to be young, whereas in North America and Europe you are a youth until the age of 25, 26. Personally, I follow the definition of the UNDP, which is that you are youth between 13 and 35.

What do you expect from ICNYP 2006?

William Angel [General-Secretary of ICNYP] was working for the UN in New York when I met him. I found out about ICNYP by him. I am here to get concrete recommendations provided by international experts in their respective fields, which I can follow in my work. Besides that I am hoping for an intensive dialogue and new different perspective.

What are the most urgent challenges for young people in your country?

 In India, as everywhere, young people are confronted with the problem of unemployement. Braindrain is a severe problem we have to deal with. Since India has a high rate of graduates among the younger population, they cannot find appropriate jobs in the country. Also, we can see the problem of migration from rural ares to the cities. As a result, these areas suffer from a desolate infrastructure. In every sense of the term.


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