Blog rap – No. 1

December 11, 2006

In this serial we want to briefly introduce you to the most prominent, most important and most interesting participants of ICNYP 2006.

This time in our BLOG RAP:


Which organisation are you representing at ICNYP 2006?

I represent the International Award Association (IAA). See more at

 What is your position in this organisation?

I am one out of 12 international youth represantitaves, so-called ‘youthreps’.

What is the aim of your organization?

 Our motto is “Challenging young people everywhere”. We want to equip all young people worldwide with life skills to make a difference to themselves, their communities and their world. We encourage young people to participate in voluntary and challenging activities. Depending on what they do, participants become awarded.

How do you define “youth”?

 Awards can be done by anyone aged 14-25.

What is “youth policy”?

 Youth policy, in short, is a policy performed by young people according to their needs an interests.

What do you expect from ICNYP 2006?

I am here to promote the idea of taking the initiative in order to encounter the challenge ahead of us. Ideas are to be put in action! I am here to find out how other people involved in youth policy deal with their aims. In the end I will write a report that will be presented to the international council in February 2007.

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