All about Youth, nothing without Youth

December 11, 2006

The  IGO-panel in Quote

“Nobody is born as a democrat. Becoming a democrat needs education and training.”

This quote by Eugenio RAVINET concludes the youth-IGO (Intergovernmental Organization) curtly. The really international podium (Ibero-America, Korea, Qatar, Baltic and Austria) contrasted and completed the insight the audience gained through the NGO-panel.

The multilayer contributions reflected the different perspectives and aims of the attending panellists Stefan BECSKY, Eugenio RAVINET, Sun-Jae LEE, Khalid AL-MULLA, Vilis BREVERIS and Maria WOLF. (The panel was not quite gender-equal…)

Mr. LEE apologized sarcastically for interrupting the audiences’ afternoon nap and broke the ice by teaching some words in Korean, Japanese and Chinese. Mr. BRUVERIS remarked that “youth is a resource that has expertise in being young”.

The power point presentations of the afternoon panel will be in the blog as soon as we get hold of it.

Stay tuned

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